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American Express Aeroplan Plus Gold Card credit card reviews

American Express Aeroplan Plus Gold Card credit card details and credit card application link.

The American Express Aeroplan Plus Gold Card is a good deal with an annual rate of just $120, but there is a catch, it must be paid off every month. If the balance is not covered in full, 30 percent interest per year is charged. There is no spending limit set in advance, but this does not mean you can spend all you want. Items and services charged to the card are approved according to various criteria, including personal funds, account and credit history. Clients are sometimes required to present proof of security and resources.

With the Aeroplan Plus Gold, you can receive up to 10,000 free Aeroplan miles if your account is in good standing. Clients receive bonus miles the first time they use the card, but they must wait up to one month and a half for this welcome bonus. If you opt for this offer, you are automatically not eligible for any others. This is in sharp contrast to the Amex Platinum, which gives access to a large number of great offers and extras simultaneously, but is also much more expensive.

If you choose this card, you will get one mile per dollar for all purchases under the annual amount of $10,000 and 1.25 miles per dollar for those over that amount. These miles are earned on the sum of all purchases and returns. Annual fees, foreign currency charges, charges for travelers’ checks, and other charges are not considered purchases. Miles are earned on purchases made up to the so-called “anniversary date” – the date you began charging purchases to the card. The annual net purchase amount returns to zero on each anniversary date.

Clients get two AeroplanPlus Gold Cards for free when they are approved for the American Express Aeroplan Plus Gold Card. The total value of these is $100. If you want additional AeroplanPlus Cards (more than these three), the charge is $50 per card per year.

You can earn twice as many miles (one for each mile you travel) when you use the card in combination with the Aeroplan Reward Card, shopping at over 150 partner locations. Other than these, the financial product is offered with the typical Amex benefits - car rental theft and damage insurance, travel accident insurance, travel emergency assistance, flight delay insurance, luggage delay insurance, lost/stolen luggage insurance, and hotel/motel burglary insurance. Under the Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance, card holders get coverage in the amount of up to $500,000. The insurance covers the card holder, his or her dependents and spouse when traveling on a common carrier (ship, train, bus, or plane). Under the Hotel/ Motel Burglary Insurance, clients are covered against the loss of personal items in case their hotel room is burglarized. The Lost and Stolen Baggage Insurance covers card holders’ damage or loss of luggage while transiting.

Thanks to the Front Of The Line service, card holders gain a preferred access to purchasing tickets for some of the most popular entertainment events in Canada, often before seats are offered to the public. Simply purchase from the event’s box office or over the phone. The main competitors of the Aeroplan Plus Gold Card are BMO Gold, Silver or general Mosaik Mastercard, CIBC AeroClassic Visa, CIBC AeroGold Visa, ScotiaBank No-Fee Money Back VISA, TD Classic Visa, TD Platinum Visa, and TD Gold Elite Visa.

Credit Card Details
NameAmerican Express Aeroplan Plus Gold Card Apply Now
Interest Rate19.95%
Annual Fee$120
Cash BackNo
Low InterestNo
Auto and GasNo
Instant ApprovalNo
Balance TransferNo
US DollarNo
No Annual FeeNo