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Caisses Desjardins credit cards

Founded in 1900, Caisses Desjardins can rightfully boast of being North America’s largest association of credit unions. As a cooperative with most of their locations in Québec, Caisses Desjardins also has branches (caisses) in Manitoba, Ontario, New Brunswick and most recently in Florida for seasonal tourists and residents from the frigid north. Among the financial products offered by this, the sixth largest financial institution in Canada, are loans, lines of credit, credit cards, savings and investment, and a multitude of insurance products in almost every field. Of particular interest is the broad range of credit card products available through Caisses Desjardins.

Caisses Desjardins Visa Cards

All cards issued through Caisses Desjardins bear the Visa logo, but there is a wide variety of cards to suit individual needs in terms of payment, financing and account management. Each of the six types of credit cards has a set of features that is unique to that card, even though they all are Caisses Desjardins Visa cards.

Members can start with the most basic of cards and as they establish credit are eligible to qualify for higher credit limits and cards with less interest and more perks. Whether you are a student or an individual just beginning to establish or reestablish credit, there is certainly a card to meet your needs.

For Students Only

This card helps young people in school to begin establishing a good credit history. Key features include an interest rate of 19.4% unless the student opts to pay an annual fee of $30 CAD, at which point the interest rate would be 11.8%. Also, the card can be personalized with the innovative MyLook designs and it includes cell phone insurance, 3 day travel insurance and an often much needed payment reminder.

Caisses Desjardins Classic

There are no annual fees on the Caisses Desjardins Classic card but there is also an option to pay a $30 CAD annual fee to have a lower interest rate. The normal rate is 19.4% and the opt-in lower interest rate is 11.8%, the same as the FOR STUDENTS ONLY card. This card also comes with 3 day travel insurance and an optional 1% rewards program for an additional $30 annual fee.

Elegance Gold

The interest rate on Elegance Gold is 19.9% but can be lowered to 12.8% with a $30 annual fee. There is a .5% rewards program in Bonus Dollars, which can be increased to 1% with the $30 annual fee. This also has the 3 day travel insurance at no additional charge.

Modulo Gold

Of all the credit cards available at Caisses Desjardins, this is the one to have! Although there is an annual fee of $50, it has the lowest interest rates in Canada at 9.9% and has a free 1% rewards program. Another great feature is that you can skip two payments yearly by taking advantage of the holiday payment feature.

Odyssey GOLD

Odyssey GOLD carries 19.4% interest with the $30 opt-in 11.8% lower interest rate. The annual fee is $110 or $90 for seniors 76 or older. It includes a 2% Bonus Dollars rewards program and comprehensive travel insurance – the best on the market!

Because there is such a wide range of credit card products, it would be worth your while to join almost 6 million people who do business with Caisses Desjardins. For further information contact them online or at one of their 536 branches in 11 regional federations.

Caisses Desjardins credit card reviews and credit card application details.

NameTypeInterest RateAnnual Fee
VISA Desjardins for Students ONLYVisa19.4%$0
The VISA Desjardins Classic cardVisa19.4%$0
The VISA Desjardins Elegance GOLD CardVisa19.9%$0
The VISA Desjardins Modulo GOLD CardVisa9.9%$50
VISA Desjardins Odyssey GOLDVisa19.4%$110
VISA Desjardins PlatinumVisa9.9%$169