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American Express Canada offers a wide variety of credit card products suited to diverse tastes. These include charge cards, credit cards, rewards cards, business cards, and many more. Charge cards include the American Express Gold Card, the Platinum Card, and the regular Amex charge card. Clients who are issued an American Express Gold earn a point for every dollar charged to the card, double points on most travel purchases and a bonus of 15,000 rewards points. The last applies if you charge $500 CAD to the card in the first three months. No fee is charged on the card during the first year, and you get one free additional Gold card worth $50 CAD. As this is a charge card, it must be paid off in full on a monthly basis. An annual interest rate of 30 percent will be charged on balances not paid in full.

The Platinum Card comes with an introductory offer of 10,000 bonus rewards points the first time the card is used. Holders earn 1.25 points for every dollar charged to the card for a rather hefty annual fee of $399. Additional cards cost $175 a year for Platinum cards and $50 for Gold. Holders can exchange points for miles if they travel frequently - one point for one Aeroplan mile. Again, an interest rate of 30 percent applies to delinquent charges.

Holders of the Amex Platinum charge card have access to special benefits including free lounge access throughout the world, free plane tickets for a friend and accommodation at more than 600 top-class hotels and resorts worldwide. Additionally, they are offered comprehensive insurance coverage for eligible purchases, fraud protection, travel insurance, shopping protection, and entertainment access.

Holders of the American Express regular charge card have no pre-set spending limit, but the card must be paid off in full upon receiving each monthly account statement. The annual fee is $55. Holders are offered non-stop customer service, finance charges of 30 percent a year ,and emergency card replacement.
As far as rewards cards for frequent fliers are concerned, Amex offers Aeroplan Plus, Aeroplan Gold, and Aeroplan Platinum. Those who are issued the first kind receive 2,500 bonus miles as a welcome gift the first time they use the card. The annual fee is $60 with another $20 for extra cards, and the interest rate on delinquent charges is again 30 percent.

Holders of the Aeroplan Plus Gold get 10,000 bonus miles for an annual fee of $120 and two free additional Gold cards. The charge per year for more cards is $50. Those who have the Aeroplan Plus Platinum get 15,000 bonus miles, up to 1.5 miles for every dollar charged to the card - and an annual fee of $499 for all this.

American Express Canada features several products intended for small business owners. The American Express Business Gold Rewards Card, for example, gives card holders the opportunity to earn one point for every dollar in purchases, with a welcome bonus of 25,000 points. Additional cards for employees are also available and they earn more points on the card holder’s account. This product is featured with an annual fee of $180 and interest rate of 30 percent, applicable to delinquent charges. The grace period is between 28 and 31 days.

American Express credit card reviews and credit card application details.

NameTypeInterest RateAnnual Fee
American Express AIR MILES Credit CardAMEX18.5%$0
American Express Costco Platinum Cash Rebate CardAMEX19.75%$0
American Express Canada Holt RenfrewAMEX18.99%$0
American Express Canada Platinum Credit CardAMEX19.99%$699
American Express Canada AIR MILES Gold Credit CardAMEX18.5%$0
American Express Business Platinum CardAMEX0%$60
American Express Aeroplan Plus Gold CardAMEX19.95%$120
American Express Aeroplan Plus Platinum CardAMEX30%$499
American Express CardAMEX30%$55
American Express Gold CardAMEX30%$130
American Express Business CardAMEX18.5%$0
Blue Sky from American ExpressAMEX19.99%$0
American Express AIR MILES PlatinumAMEX19.99%$50
American Express AeroplanPlus CardAMEX30%$60
American Express AIR MILES Gold Business CardAMEX17.24%$0
American Express Business Gold Rewards CardAMEX0%$180
True Earnings Card from Costco and American ExpressAMEX19.99%$0