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President's Choice Financial MasterCard credit card reviews

President's Choice Financial MasterCard credit card details and credit card application link.

Unlike many other credit cards in Canada and the rest of the world, the President's Choice Financial MasterCard does not charge its holders annual fees. Regardless of how often you use the card in a calendar year, you won't be asked to pay account servicing fees the next January.

The PCF MasterCard features a benefits program that can reduce your everyday expenses. Every dollar spent with it brings you 10 bonus points, which can later be converted into a number of goods: groceries, health and beauty products, or home appliances. Once you reach 20,000 points, which will be worth $20 in purchases, you can redeem them at participating stores all over the country (there are no regional restrictions). Alternatively, these points can be donated for the noble cause of the President's Choice Children’s Charity, which provides financial support to low income families with mentally and physically challenged children.

An advantage of the PCF MasterCard is its favorable balance transfer rate. If you choose to transfer your balance from another account, you will be charged at a rate of 2.97 percent for the first four months, while retaining the right to participate in the benefits program and collect bonus points.

President’s Choice Financial offers a number of free services that can potentially save you hundreds of dollars.

First, the PCF MasterCard gives you purchase assurance, which provides a 90-day long protection against theft or loss for all products bought with the card. Furthermore, the manufacturer’s warranty of every product, posted on the card account, will be automatically extended by one year. These two features are available to cardholders at no additional cost.

If your card is lost or stolen, you can cancel it via the 24/7 telephone hotline and prevent its unauthorized use. A new card will be issued within 48 hours and in the meantime, you are entitled to an emergency cash advance of $1,000.

Application for the PCF MasterCard can made online, by mail, or in person at a branch of the company. If you get approved, you will qualify for one of the two interest rates: 19.97 percent (the standard rate) or 23.97 percent (the basic rate). What rate you will be assigned depends mostly on the annual income and credit history information you provide on the application forms. Payments are made on a monthly basis, and you will have to settle at least the minimum amount, shown on the account statement. You can pay your dues online, by mail, at a PCF branch, or in a number of nationwide banks.

Among the competitors of the President's Choice Financial MasterCard, you can check the MBNA World Points MasterCard, going with an interest rate of 19.99 percent on cash advances, balance transfers, and purchases, annual fee of $29, and grace period of 21 days or more. The minimum payment is 1 percent of the balance or $15, whichever amount is greater. Other applicable fees are over the limit fee of $25, inactive credit balance fee of $25, returned cash cheque advance fee of $20, and returned payment fee of $20. Card holders earn 1 bonus point for every $1 in purchases charged to the card. Bonus WorldPoints can be redeemed for gifts, merchandise and, travel certificates, and clients get 1000 points after the first transaction they make.

Credit Card Details
NamePresident's Choice Financial MasterCard Apply Now
Interest Rate19.97%
Annual Fee$0
Cash BackNo
Low InterestNo
Auto and GasNo
Instant ApprovalNo
Balance TransferYes
US DollarNo
No Annual FeeYes