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ScotiaGold Preferred VISA Card credit card reviews

ScotiaGold Preferred VISA Card credit card details and credit card application link.

The name of this card is key to understanding its features and advantages. The ScotiaGold Passport® Visa card is a rewards card that guarantees flexibility and travel benefits. You can travel anywhere, anytime…all the while collecting points. This Visa by Scotiabank is your passport to luxury, hassle-free lifestyle. Needless to say, you need back-up funds to live this large. The annual fee comes to a whopping $1106 with a 19.50 percent annual interest rate. The maximum credit limit is $5,000 while you get one bonus point for every dollar you spend. There are no restrictions on travel. You can earn up to 30,000 rewards points and are guaranteed full travel insurance. Finally, you get 5 percent cash back on all trips charged to the card. ScotiaGold offers a minimal 21-day interest-free grace period.

This card operates according to the principle of “the more you spend, the more you save”. It is not for the thrifty or those who like to carry a balance, or both.

If you book a two-week vacation and charge it to your card, you can take advantage of the following benefits, exclusively available to ScotiaGold Passport® Visa holders. For trips of 31 days or less, you are covered by emergency medical insurance. Upon embarking on trips from 31 to 45 days, you must buy top-up coverage before you leave the respective Canadian province. This can also be arranged through Scotiabank. The offer applies to clients under 65 years of age and enables you to save $76. You save $210 if you subscribe to their rental car collision insurance, which is valid for a rental period of two weeks. You also save $150 on trip cancellation or interruption insurance if you have purchased a vacation package of $2,500 for two adults, both under 65. You get 5 percent of your cash back if you have booked your vacation package with the Scotia Rewards Service, saving $125. Finally, you save respectively $30 and $25 on common carrier travel accident insurance and on American Express Travelers Checks, based on the amount of $2,000 and issued commission-free. This comes to $616 in total savings! So, if you are the traveling type, this card is the best choice.

If you apply online for an account and open it by 31, October, you get 30,000 points and pay an annual fee of $99 for the first year. The 30,000 welcome bonus is split into 20,000 for the first purchase and 10,000, receivable upon renewing your account the first year.

Persons who travel for business and leisure might consider another rewards credit card, the TD First Class Travel Visa Infinite Card®. This product goes with an interest rate of 19.75 percent and annual fee of $120. Card holders earn reward points and can use the bank’s convenient chart to see how their points convert into miles. For example, 100,000 points are equal to 12,500 miles while 300,000 points convert into 75,000 miles. Optional features that come with the card are the TD Deluxe or Standard Auto Club and the Balance Protection Insurance. Finally, card holders enjoy guaranteed hotel reservations, emergency assistance, 24/7 instant cash access, and TD Visa checks for use in case credit cards are not accepted.

Credit Card Details
NameScotiaGold Preferred VISA Card Apply Now
Interest Rate17.9%
Annual Fee$95
Cash BackNo
Low InterestNo
Auto and GasNo
Instant ApprovalNo
Balance TransferNo
US DollarNo
No Annual FeeNo