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There are two versions of the Walmart Credit Card, one is regular and the other – Discover. Business clients can apply for the business variant of both cards and include as many as 99 holders on one account. Community credit cards are available to non-profit organizations and state institutions.

Among the benefits of the Walmart credit cards are cash advances of up to $100 on all purchases made at Walmart stores, no annual fee, saving 3 cents on every gallon bought at participating gas stations, no liability in cases of unlawful transactions, an over limit, and a 25-day grace period.

Additional bonuses include acceptance at over 29 million locations worldwide, an APR of 9.87 percent, 15.87 percent or 18.87 percent (established upon credit approval), and cash returns equivalent to 1 percent of the purchase amount. Discover cards are accepted at all locations bearing the Discover Network Label.

Walmart credit cards have some limitations as well. The rewards you get are proportional to the purchase amount. For example, purchases between $1,500.01 and $3,000 receive a reward percentage of 0.5 percent. Purchases should exceed the amount of $3,000 in order to be eligible for a percentage of 1. In addition, cash advances connected to the regular Walmart credit card entail a limit of $65. Cash advances are also limited to one per day.

Holders of the Walmart MasterCard in Canada are eligible to receive supplementary cards, helping them gain returns faster. MasterCard holders save more on Walmart prices, which have already been reduced. The more you shop, the bigger returns you get. Rewards are acquired in dollar equivalents instead of points, which makes it very easy to calculate how much you have to earn. The Walmart MasterCard enables you to withdraw money no matter where in the world you are. It helps you issue personalized checks and automate bill payments. In short, it makes your life easier as the card is accepted in 210 countries. If you encounter someone who won’t accept a credit card payment, you can offer a personalized convenience check.

Another Walmart MasterCard extra is PayPass. This option allows you to shop for fast food, gas, or movie tickets wherever there is a PayPass terminal.

An additional safety measure involves secure chips. The MasterCard has an inbuilt computer chip that requests your unique PIN number. You can personalize your PIN number if you choose so.

All residents of Canada, with the exception of Quebec, who are of legal age and have a minimum annual income of $12,000 are eligible for the Walmart MasterCard. The only other requirement is that you have not declared insolvency in the past 7 years.

If your want to check other department store credit cards, you might take a look at the financial products offered by Sears. With the Sears MasterCard, you earn one rewards point for every dollar in purchases. The card comes with no annual fee and an interest rate of 19.99 percent on cash advances and purchases. The grace period is 21 days, but there is no interest-free period for convenience checks, balance transfers, cash advances, applicable cash advance fees, and cash-like transactions. There are fees to be charged on the day of the transaction: $24 for dishonored check, $4 per copy of sales draft, 1 percent of cash advance amounts, $25 for over the limit credit and fast cards, and $2 for an extra copy of one’s monthly statement.

Credit Card Details
NameWalmart Credit Card Apply Now
Interest Rate18.87%
Annual Fee$0
Cash BackYes
Low InterestNo
Auto and GasNo
Instant ApprovalNo
Balance TransferNo
US DollarNo
No Annual FeeYes