Credit Card Games to Play with Your Children

by John Stevenson on July 11, 2011

You can talk to your children about financial matters for hours just to find out they hardly listened to what you said. Children learn best from experience, which is a great way to capture their attention. This is especially true when it comes to dreary topics such as money management and dealing with credit. Your task will be much easier if you turn financial education into a game. They will not only engage your children but will open opportunities to discuss financial matters.

Most children think of credit cards as easy money. To see beyond the spending side, the board game Charge Large involves purchasing businesses and buildings by means of credit and cash. Players watch their credit card limit increasing. The player who has zero debt wins in this game. Thrive Time is another game that teaches children how to be successful in the financial world. In the beginning, all players have part-time jobs and earn just $500 per month. They have to make life and money decisions such as starting a new business, charging items on their credit cards, paying for college, managing expenses, and more. The player who generates high income, manages his time effectively, and makes good financial decisions is the winner.

Bad Credit Hotel is another game intended for young players. In this game, the goal is to have sufficient knowledge of credit as to enter room 850 and earn a bonus. It is an interactive game that explains collection practices, debt management alternatives, and ways to control credit.

The Stage Coach Island teaches players how to maintain a good credit score by using money and credit cards. Once players join in, they can communicate with other islanders and get virtual jobs. They will earn money in the island’s currency, called shells. The game does not just involve earning money. Players go skydiving, snowboarding, and motorbike racing. Other entertainment venues and fun activities include bingo tournaments, nightly firework displays, talent shows, and parties. Players can plant trees and shop for new accessories and clothes. With this game, your kids will earn and learn at the same time. There is a Wells Fargo ATM where players answer questions about money management. Finally, Paid Off is a card game intended for children aged 10 and older. The game aims to teach kids strategies, helping to avoid excessive credit card debt. Players pay off their card debt and try keep their opponents from doing the same.

As you see, credit card games are a great way to help children understand choices and the consequences that come with wrong decisions. Playing games, kids come to realize that other people do not think the same way and begin to wonder whether it is time to change their own ways. Playing brings out your kids’ financial personalities. Kids learn about interest rates, credit terms, and other important financial matters while having fun. Ultimately, the goal of any game is to make children realize that financial decisions impact one’s life in the short and long term. Games teach children that credit cards should be used with care and not any time they want something.

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