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Student Credit Cards

Student Credit Cards are credit cards designed to meet students' needs. Student Credit cards look as a regular credit card, but they have some important features setting them apart. For one student credit cards are easy to obtain, as long as you are a student. In most cases the student credit cards have higher interest rates than the average credit card. Student Credit Cards usually come with low credit limits.

Why does a student need a credit card?

Having a credit card is the easiest way to start building a credit history for most students. If you are a student chances are that you don't have much income if any at all. This only means that getting a regular credit card is close to impossible. Here is where the student credit card comes into play. Because the student credit card is a financial product tailored for students, the income requirements are very relaxed and thus qualifying for credit is very easy. Another benefit of having student credit card is that it can help you in case of emergency.

Use your student credit card responsibly.

The fact that you can get student credit card easily doesn't mean that you have to go on a shopping binge and max the limit out. Use your credit card for things like online purchases, car rental, hotel or flight booking - things that cannot be done without credit card. It is a good idea to pay your student credit card balance in full when it's due, otherwise you'll be paying hefty interest fees.