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What Payments Do Credit Card Companies Accept

Credit cards offer a very convenient and quick way to pay for your purchases. However, they also demand more responsible tracking of your account.

If you do not pay the outstanding balance at the end of each month, you will be charged the whole interest on the entire amount of the purchase, no matter what part of it has remained uncovered. To make sure that your payments are done on time and in the most convenient manner, you have to be aware of the different channels, accepted by credit card companies. There are several options to make payments to your issuer: sending money order or check by email, paying via online account with the credit card issuer, using online bill payment service with your bank, wire transfer, and payment of cash in person. Whichever option you choose, the most important point is to make your monthly payments on time.

Sending Check or Money Order

One popular way to pay the credit card issuer is via check or money order sent by mail. To make sure that the payment is valid, you need to insert the payment stub along with the bill. Also, it is essential to put the account number on the check, in the memo field.

Using Online Bank Draft

Another option of making payments to your card issuer is by using an online bank draft. Many credit card companies encourage their customers to create an online account. In this way, you can simply login and make the payment transfers just by entering the bank account number and the bank’s routing number. At the same time, you can check on the status of your account at any moment, even from your home computer. Keep in mind that it is unwise to open your account at the office or from another public-use computer (cafés, airports, and other public place). You run the risk of having your account data stolen by malicious spyware.

Paying via Online Bill Payment Service

If the bank offers online bill payment service, you can make use of it and make a transfer directly to the credit card company. You need to provide the account number of your credit card, the company name and its address. An additional feature is the automatic payment transfer set up. If you do not trust the web, but still prefer to make your payments from distance, you can pay by phone, again by providing the routing number of the bank and the number of your account. However, a large number of credit card issuers charge for this service.

Wire Transfers

Another option, which would cost you money, is the wire transfer. If you choose it, you need to pay a wire transfer fee. The bank charges fees for sending and for receiving a wire transfer on the territory of the country.

Paying Cash in Person

If you prefer to pay cash, though, do not consider sending it by mail to the credit card company. Still, you can pay cash in person, given the company is a part of a banking institution. Do not forget to bring the credit card statement along. You have to simply go through the teller with it and the transaction sum will be charged to your account. The best option would be to make this payment on its due date.