Releases a New Selector Tool to Choose from a Plethora of Attractive Offers

by John Stevenson on February 12, 2014 offers a selector tool to help visitors choose a card that fits their credit personality.

A new credit card selector tool ( was released today to help Canadian customers to select a credit card by one or more features, including strong rewards programs, cashback on bonus categories, discount attractions, and a lot more.

The new tool was created by the content development team at to make the process of selecting a credit card easier and hassle-free. The credit card selector allows visitors to narrow down their choices and pick a card that suits their spending behaviour and habits. This tool is designed as a useful utility and is the newest addition to, featuring reviews of popular credit cards and bank-offered programs.

“Our credit card selector tool makes shopping for a credit card a breeze. Just select the credit card features you need, and our tool instantly shows all credit cards that have them,” said John Williams, marketing consultant at

Banks feature a wide array of credit cards and promotional offers to attract new customers. Given the staggering number of options available, choosing a credit card can be a daunting task. Issuers feature perks such as retail store discounts, presale tickets, companion tickets, and teaser rates. They offer category and welcome rewards and feature added benefits such as free checked bags, travel fee credits, and free access to attractions. The problem is that some issuers offer cards with complex rewards point systems, outrageous interest rates, rewards thresholds, high upfront fees, and no grace periods. Cards with a tiny credit limit, blackout dates, and credit increase fees are best to be avoided. There are plenty of expensive offers out there, and some issuers don’t report payments to the bureaus.

Many borrowers find themselves knee-deep in debt, with damaged credit due to medical bills, loss of employment, divorce, and poor credit card choices. The goal of is to help visitors select a card that meets their spending requirements and suits their money personality. The new selector tool is based on a comprehensive and up-to-date credit card database. Visitors are offered the chance to select a card by type and features such as bonus points, cashback, no annual fee, instant approval, and others. The tool lists matching credit cards to save consumers long hours of research. also offers in-depth credit card reviews to help visitors choose a card to carry in their wallets.

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