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Top 10 Credit Card Processors

This guide reviews the top ten credit card processing services in the world, comparing them against criteria such as average approval rating, start-up cost, cost per month, account set up time, customer service quality, online and POS features, etc.

In our age of electronic payments and global communications, a reliable credit card processing service will help your business grow by enabling it to accept all forms of payments, wherever they occur. All transactions made through a credit card processor are protected against fraud, so you neednít worry about security issues.

The top 10

Number ten on the list is Florida-based Charge: a good credit card processing service with the lowest possible start-up cost on the market and one of the lowest costs per month. You will get a $17 monthly gateway fee, $10 statement fee and a monthly minimum in the amount of $25. Several other charges and fees may apply. It takes only 48 hours to set up your account and you will get excellent costumer care service.

Number nine goes to Electronic Transfer Inc, a US-based credit card processor that takes just 24 hours to set up your account and does not charge a start up fee. In addition, its cost per month is slightly lower than that of Charge. Although Electronic Transfer Inc has one of the most efficient and helpful costumer care services on the market, they offer only two different POS models, which is the companyís major weakness.

The eighth credit card processing service on the list is Gotmerchant, a Texas-based credit card processing service with an approval rate as high as 99 percent. The account set up time is just 24 hours, and youíll find discounts on their standard charges and fees. Gotmerchant works with all major credit cards.

Number seven on the list is First Data Corporation, a credit card processor headquartered in Georgia, USA. In facts and figures, its customer care service is available 24/7, there is no start up cost but relatively high monthly cost, 48 hours account set-up time, check acceptance service, as well as internet, retail and mobile services.

Number six goes to Merchant Accounts Express, a credit card processor with a 98 percent approval rate, affordable cost per month, and a start-up fee of $39. They will need 72 hours to set up your account and their customer care service is rather helpful.

Number five on the list is The Transaction Group Ė 95% approval rating, no monthly minimum added to its monthly cost, no start-up cost, 24 or 48 hours account setup time and excellent internet features.

Number four goes to Dallas-seated Chase Paymentech Solutions: they provide a wide variety of internet features and pos options, processing virtually all kind of credit cards, debit cards, electronic checks and other means of payment. In addition, their charges and fees are more than affordable.

New Jersey-based GoEmerchant is the third most popular credit card processing service in the world. They offer 99 percent approval rate, affordable cost per month, no start-up cost, 24 hours account setup time and excellent internet and POS features.

Number two on the list is Merchant Warehouse which offers excellent credit card processing solutions for one of the most affordable prices on the market. A $25 monthly minimum applies only to opening new accounts. The statement fee is just $7.95, while their monthly gateway fee is $10. Merchant Warehouse takes just 24 hours to set up your account, charges no start up fee and offers excellent internet and POS features.

Flagship Merchant Services is arguably the best credit card processor in the world. It does not charge a start up fee, takes just 24 hours to set up your account, and its monthly costs include $10 gateway fee, $7.95 statement fee, $20 monthly minimum, and a discount rate of 2.14 percent. Flagship Merchant Services offers three different POS solutions, while its internet-based features include a virtual terminal, a payment gateway supported by First Data, and premium payment security features.

While these are the top ten world credit card processors in the world, none is Canada-based.